Best Ways to Get Around in San Diego

Many people have questions and doubts about transportation when it comes to doing an exchange or traveling in another country. So let’s explain a bit about the ways of getting around in San Diego.

The most convenient way to get around in the city is by car, mainly because of the distance between places. When you have a car in San Diego, the traveling time that gets shorter.

However, it is super viable and safe to be in San Diego and use public transportation.

In the city there are Trolleys, which are small trains that circulate through important and strategic points, and bus lines, which cover a large part of the city and keep their schedules with enough rigidity, so you can plan and have a comfortable trip .

Life tip! A great app for anyone using public transport is Google Maps, because it shows exactly how long you will take from one point to another, what time the bus will go, how much you will have to walk etc.

If it fits into your budget, renting a car can also be a great idea. In San Diego there are local rental companies with great prices.
Important tip: the Waze app works normally in the city.

If you still have questions about transportation, you can contact us! We also have a video that can help you. Click here to watch!

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