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How Does Connect English Stack Up to the Competition? Find the Best US English Language School for Your English Learning Needs

How Does Connect English Stack Up to the Competition?  Find the Best US English Language School for Your English Learning Needs

Deciding where to learn English in the US? With hundreds of English Language schools to choose from, knowing which one is the best for you can be tricky.

To pick the right school for you, some of the things you may consider include education costs, the quality of instruction, the experience of teachers, and the support provided to students. US English Language schools differ greatly on these aspects, so it is important to evaluate the pros and cons to make the best decision for you. 

Find out how Connect English stacks up to the competition and why it may be the best English Language school for you!

Comparison Chart showing Connect English vs. the Competition

Why Connect English? 

Founded on the belief that language learning, travel, friends, academics, and personal growth are all connected, Connect English seeks to deliver high-quality language programs that are fun, exciting, and affordable.

We know that the most successful students are invested in their learning. That’s why our most important objective is for our students to set and reach personal goals for learning and improving the English language.

At Connect English, we are dedicated to helping our students achieve success on their terms –  whether that’s integrating into the local community, preparing for tests, or mastering business communication!

Our Teachers & Student Support Services

Connect English is a school founded by teachers – teachers who care about the student experience and strive to create a valuable, memorable learning environment. Many of our teachers have taught abroad and bring a wealth of diverse experiences and expertise to the classroom. We have staff who speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, French, and more so you won’t have to worry about communication.

We know that the best language learning experiences go beyond the classroom. Connect English is committed to supporting our students to get the most out of their time with us by providing tips on getting their visas, finding local accommodations, and how to maximize their time in San Diego.

Student Events

Looking for an English Language school that feels like family? Look no further than Connect English! We love interacting with our students and not just in the classroom! That’s why we organize a variety of events for students to participate in throughout the year.

Our students enjoy trips to the San Diego zoo, one-day tours of LA, and museum visits that give them a chance to experience life as a local. We also regularly organize cultural events like Thanksgiving potluck, Dia de Los Muertos observance, and Halloween night for students to learn more about the various cultures within our Connect English community. All these activities are not just a time to let loose and have fun but also the perfect opportunity to build English proficiency in real-life settings.

Connect English November Activities

Quality of Education 

Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) since 2013, Connect English upholds high standards of instruction and quality curriculum in line with students’ needs. All our teachers are Native English speakers and TESOL/TEFL certified. They also regularly attend professional development courses and training programs to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in instruction and pedagogy. 

With various English Language programs tailored to different student needs, you are sure to find a course that meets your language learning goals. We also offer specialized skills classes in reading & writing, listening & speaking, and business English, so students can get extra practice where they need it most.

Student Satisfaction 

As teachers, there is no greater joy than seeing our students succeed. Connect English graduates have gone on to achieve incredible things, including going to college, rising up in their careers, and traveling the world, and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

Whatever your passion and reason for wanting to learn English or improve your command of the language, we would love to be a stepping stone to helping you create that future. 

See what our students say about us…

“The classes and the teachers were very interesting and helpful. More particularly, I improved a lot on my speaking because you have to speak only English at the school. I also met people from everywhere. It was such an amazing experience!” – Léa Kolb, student from France

“Well organized school, excellent teachers, students from various countries, incredible experience.” – Samara Salamene, student from Brazil

“It’s awesome! I had a good time, a good experience. The classes are fun and teachers are excellent.” – Kishiko Maekawa, student from Japan

Read more reviews by real students like you!

Connect English: Learning English & Reaching Goals Together

Deciding on the right English Language school for your needs can be a challenge. Premium language schools’ high fees make them unaffordable to many, while cheaper alternatives may not guarantee the same level of support, experience, or results.

For a US English Language school that doesn’t break the bank or compromise on quality, Connect English is by far the best-value choice.

Contact our team of advisors today for more information on how you can reach your English learning goals with Connect English. 

Learn How to Speak English in One Minute or Less

Learn How to Speak English in One Minute or Less

Learn how to speak English in one minute or less with our Connect In A Minute video series!

Do you want to learn to speak better English? Start simple: Our Connect In A Minute video series offers fast, free English language lessons sent right to your email inbox. The 1-minute videos will help you quickly learn how to speak English more confidently and clearly.

Connect In A Minute lessons will teach you:

  • pronunciation rules to follow,
  • common expressions to use,
  • easy mistakes to avoid, and
  • more helpful English learning tips.

Each lesson is taught by a Connect English instructor and will help improve your use of English in everyday conversation and the workplace.

Connect In A Minute video lessons are perfect for your busy life! In the time you refill your coffee cup, you can begin your journey toward English fluency. Check one out:

In this video, Connect English teacher Charles gives quick and easy directions for pronouncing the sound “TH” versus “F”.

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About Connect English

Connect English is an English language school created by teachers. We’re helping international students, professionals and organizations learn the English language through English language courses and other services. Connect English is founded on the common vision that language learning, travel, friends, academics, and personal growth are all connected. We’re committed to quality language programs that are fun, exciting, and affordable. If you want to grow as an English speaker, join our community of language learners. See why millions choose Connect English to learn English in person or online!

Tips to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

Tips to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

Why do you want to learn English? Is it to go to a university in the U.S.? Or maybe, are you taking English classes to get a higher salary at work? Or possibly you just want to travel the U.S and decided to get a few English lessons while you’re here. Well, no matter your reason for learning, there is always a common goal amongst students: become better speakers of English. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that goal.

1. Immerse yourself in English speaking environments. It doesn’t matter if you are in a classroom, at a bar or just at the grocery store; you can practice and improve your English in any environment. Even better, you can get American or English speaking roommates when you are living in the U.S., so you can practice even at home!


2. Watch movies! Everyone loves watching movies, so why not practice your English at the same time? At first, you can start with subtitles IN ENGLISH, and gradually as you get better, turn off the subtitles. It really helps your speaking when you hear English spoken out loud.

3. Join free conversation clubs or go to a Meetup where the focus is on English conversations. Many language schools, such as Connect English, have free conversation classes open to anyone at any level. You will meet some really cool people and improve your English at the same time.


4. Read, Read, Read! Studies show that when students read quietly or out loud, they improve their speaking skills faster than students who don’t read regularly. Don’t worry though; you don’t need to begin with the latest edition of The Economist. You can start with something small, like a children’s book or an easy article in a magazine you might enjoy.

5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! This is probably the most important tip you can get. English is not going to flow perfectly out of your mouth every time you speak. Even natives mess it up some times. Don’t be shy; no one cares if you mess up the verb tense or need a few seconds to find the right word. The most important thing is that you are trying and practicing! If you are confident and brave, your speaking will improve dramatically.