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Our Programs

At Connect English, we offer 4 different courses so that our students can reach their goals. Check below what each program offers and the investment amount. If you have any questions, talk to us and we will help you choose the best option for you. In addition to the course load of each course, our students have access to supplemental class to learn and evolve even faster, all at no additional cost.

General English

This 18-hour per week program will help you improve your English comprehension and communication skills. It is our most popular option. Here is what to expect from this program:

  • American teachers and other students to talk to;
  • Group work: talk every day and learn from other students;
  • 2 lessons a day: study grammar and academic skills and improve your fluency and pronunciation;
  • Practice and improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills;
  • Weekly tests/questionnaires show your progress;
  • Advance to the next level when you are ready.

U$$530.00/4 weeks

Business English

This 18-hour per week program focuses on English in an international business environment. Students learn about business customs and practices from around the world, learning from American teachers, with students of various nationalities. Here is what to expect in our Business English classes:

  • Learn about the global economy and how English is an important part of business around the world;
  • International English: understand accents from around the world (British, American and more)
  • Group work: practice your English with other students to work on projects and set business goals;
  • Meet guest speakers from local California companies. Learn about various businesses and talk with real American business people;
  • Learn grammar and vocabulary as it relates to a business environment.

U$$530.00/4 weeks


Our 18-hour per week TOEFL program is a test preparation class that will help you cross the finish line and achieve a passing score on any language proficiency test. It will also prepare you for your future in an English-speaking environment (whether university or professional). Here is what to expect from our TOEFL classes:

  • Study for the TOEFL exam with one of the coolest teachers;
  • Write essays, learn to take notes, and practice test-taking strategies to help you get the best score possible;
  • Specific focus is given to each part of the exam: Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading;
  • TOEFL exams are given regularly (for free!) to help you track your progress;
  • Teacher feedback helps you improve your personal grammar and pronunciation errors.

U$$560.00/4 weeks

College Pathway Program

Connect English now offers a College Pathway Program for students who have academic goals.

Students who get this special CPP admission will receive:

  • A special I-20 from Connect English with notes about this program & partnership
  • An acceptance letter from Connect English specifically for the College Pathway Program
  • Conditional Admission from Grossmont College

The College Pathway Program (CPP) is the same thing as our Intensive English and TOEFL preparation courses, designed to help students seek admission with our partner, Grossmont College after finishing their English studies. Grossmont College offers a variety of certificates and degrees, and students can find the perfect program after arriving in the USA and improving their English. Students can start researching their options here:

At the F-1 visa interview, students should be prepared to discuss their English goals AND academic goals.

Admissions Requirements are the same:

  • Online application form
  • Copy of hte student’s passport
  • A bank statement showing $9,000+

U$$530.00/4 weeks

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