Learn How to Speak English in One Minute or Less

Learn How to Speak English in One Minute or Less

Learn how to speak English in one minute or less with our Connect In A Minute video series!

Do you want to learn to speak better English? Start simple: Our Connect In A Minute video series offers fast, free English language lessons sent right to your email inbox. The 1-minute videos will help you quickly learn how to speak English more confidently and clearly.

Connect In A Minute lessons will teach you:

  • pronunciation rules to follow,
  • common expressions to use,
  • easy mistakes to avoid, and
  • more helpful English learning tips.

Each lesson is taught by a Connect English instructor and will help improve your use of English in everyday conversation and the workplace.

Connect In A Minute video lessons are perfect for your busy life! In the time you refill your coffee cup, you can begin your journey toward English fluency. Check one out:

In this video, Connect English teacher Charles gives quick and easy directions for pronouncing the sound “TH” versus “F”.

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Best Ways to Get Around in San Diego.

Best Ways to Get Around in San Diego.

Many people have questions and doubts about transportation when it comes to doing an exchange or traveling in another country. So let’s explain a bit about the ways of getting around in San Diego.

The most convenient way to get around in the city is by car, mainly because of the distance between places. When you have a car in San Diego, the traveling time that gets shorter.

However, it is super viable and safe to be in San Diego and use public transportation.

In the city there are Trolleys, which are small trains that circulate through important and strategic points, and bus lines, which cover a large part of the city and keep their schedules  with enough rigidity, so you can plan and have a comfortable trip .

Life tip! A great app for anyone using public transport is Google Maps, because it shows exactly how long you will take from one point to another, what time the bus will go, how much you will have to walk etc.

If it fits into your budget, renting a car can also be a great idea. In San Diego there are local rental companies with great prices.
Important tip: the Waze app works normally in the city.
If you still have questions about transportation, you can contact us!


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Tickets purchased! How to get the best seat on the plane.

Tickets purchased! How to get the best seat on the plane.

First of all, as soon as you buy the tickets, download the airline app on your mobile phone. Through the app you will be able to solve several things, besides knowing information about schedules, possible delays and updates.
Search for information about when the check-in will be released on your flight, and when you find out, plan to enter the website as soon as it is available and reserve your seat of preference. If you leave it until the last minute, your seat on the flight could be very bad, getting with a seat in the middle or near the bathroom. In addition, in some airports there is a specific line for those who are already checked in, so you would save some time too.

When it comes to choosing the seat, it’s cool to think about your preferences on the plane. If you prefer to stay more “free”, our suggestion is to choose a seat in the aisle, but if you prefer to have a place where it will be easier to sleep, our suggestion is to choose a seat at the window.

Life tip! The site helps you to find the best place according to your preferences. Worth checking out before you book your seat! 

Another important tip is to always choose places in the front. But why?
Think about all those people who will be on the plane. They will also go through immigration as you will. So if you’re at the back of the plane, you’re going to end up really far back in the line!

As we have mentioned a lot here, the secret of a low-stress trip is having good planning. And it wouldn’t be different at this stage of the flight! Don’t forget that if you have any questions, we can help you.

Good trip!!

Best tips to save money to make your trip happen

Best tips to save money to make your trip happen

This is a very important subject for those who want to have a stress-free trip without any financial squeeze, and still get to buy some little things, of course!

The tips that we are going to give here are the minimum that you will have to do to be able to use your money smartly,  and to enjoy your trip without financial problems, spending consciously.

The first tip for anyone going to study or exchange is: know how many weeks you plan to stay. For example, if you enroll a six-month course, you can keep costs down much more than when enrolling for 1 month at a time when you are already here.

This is part of a good planning! So the sooner you decide on your plans, the greater your bargaining power will be when you make your reservations, whether at school, on accomodation, or on airfare, among other expenses. These are the things that Connect English can help you plan as you’re configuring your program.

Speaking of accomodation, this is a good tip when researching: stay tuned for the high seasons! It may be that you only book 1 month of accommodation and in the following month you no longer have any vacancies due to the high season. Therefore, our suggestion is always to book the accommodation during the whole period that will be hosted.

However, if you’re going to stay a long period, from 6 months up, for example, it’s cool that you don’t set aside all this time. What happens is that when you arrive in a new place you meet new people, and discover new neighborhoods.It may be that in this period you will find a better place to live, that is more suited to your plans.

Airfare is also an item that deserves attention when thinking about saving. Search ALWAYS! Travel agencies are worth contacting, as they sometimes have promotions that are not on the sites, it is worth going to websites that compare prices and visit the portals of the airlines. Ah, not to mention the blogs and applications where you can register to receive the promotions!! Some tips:


  • Skyscanner: from the world’s best flight seekers, it has a huge range of airlines, detects lightning-flash promotions and assembles a column chart to show the price variation of the tickets in the consulted period.
  • Kayak: searches for tickets in different destinations and brings exclusive discounts on mobile searches.
  • Voopter: a very interesting flight search engine. With it you can book four return dates to find the cheapest combination. It also allows you to create alerts to receive promotions on snippets of interest.
  • Hooper: the flexibility feature is especially useful. Place in your hometown and desired destination and Hopper will map the entire year to you with color-coded prices. If you know you need a vacation but are flexible in your destination or dates, you can also set alerts for the application to inform you when there are destination offers.
  • Google Flights: great tool for those who like to research the price of a trip before buying the tickets. Free, lightweight and without any hassle, it allows you to check airfare prices and always track the cheapest. In the “Tips” section, the site tells you if the price has really gone down.


Another cool tip is for people who are traveling with more people. Whenever you negotiate a price, say that you are in two, or three, or four people. This way, you have a better chance of getting a discount. =)

And this last one is the best tip of all time tip of life!! ALWAYS ask if there is any way you can get a discount. It can be in the form of payment, on the date of reservation, if you refer a friend, anyway! Search and trade so you can save money for a great trip!

I am about to travel, how to pass through immigration?

I am about to travel, how to pass through immigration?

When you go to another country, you need to go through immigration from that location. It’s nothing terrible, OK? But it’s important to understand the process, and to be prepared for what you’ll have to do as you arrive in the USA.

Important: when you get off the plane, go straight to the immigration line! Sometimes the lines are huge, because everyone on your flight will pass through them too.

We always recommend that you already have your passport and visa in hand and already fill out the form that is delivered on the plane before disembarking. So don’t forget to carry a pen in your handbag.

It is also important to print the information of your trip, such as the address where you will be staying, your return ticket, the acceptance letter from your School and I-20 if you are a F1 student. Oh, and avoid talking on the cell phone in the immigration area! Mainly in the United States, they don’t like this practice so much.


When your turn comes, wait for the responsible person to indicate which booth you need to go to and don’t make any kind of jokes, because they are super strict there!
If you are traveling with your family, they will probably let you go to the same booth in a group. At that point, the person will take their fingerprints, look at their passport and visa and ask some questions like:

How long will your trip last?
Where are you staying?
What do you intend to do while in the US?
If you know someone in the US?
What do you do in your home country?
How much money are you bringing with you?
If you’ve been to the US before

Got it? So don’t forget:

  • Get a seat near the front of the plane

  • Bring a pen 
  • Use the bathroom before landing

  • Walk fast toward the immigration area 
  • Hold all the documents 
  • Do not use the cell phone
  • Do not make any jokes 

Answers all their questions 

Financial evidence for students with an F1 visa

Financial evidence for students with an F1 visa

I decided to get the student visa. What is the ideal amount for financial evidence?
Well, that will depend on each school and the amount of your tuition. The minimum amount that you will need to prove and will be required by the school depends on how much the school charges for the course.

In case of Connect, for example, we require a minimum of $ 7,080.00 for every 24 study weeks. This applies to those who have the F1 visa. For anyone who is F2 (that is, dependent on the F1 – child or spouse) the amount gets smaller, around $ 3,000.00 per dependent.

However, there are schools and universities that are more expensive and require a much higher amount than this.

What matters in this financial statement is the net amount that you or your financial sponsor has in the  account. You can use current account balance, savings and / or investments.


In order for this bank document to be accepted it must be a maximum of two months old and present the following information: bank logo / bank name, total balance / amount, name of holder, date and account data.

Life tip! Presenting the minimum amount for the school is enough for the preparation of the student’s documentation (I-20 and letter of acceptance). However, the greater the proven amount of funds, the greater the chances of you getting the visa. Attention on this tip !! This is one of the most important points of the visa interview, as this will be on your I-20, and it will probably be one of the first things the interviewer will look at. So this is the time for you to present the highest possible amount.

To renew the I-20, no extra fee is required, the process takes about 2 business days and the student applies for renewal directly at the school office. The only thing required is to present a new bank voucher with the minimum amount of $ 3.000,00 for student F1 and $ 1.500,00 for the F2 person.

Still have questions about this topic? Contact us to help you with this.

Supplemental Classes

Supplemental Classes

Free, fun, extra classes online!

Connect English students love the new online supplemental courses that we have created. These hour-long optional lessons are fun and fresh, with a new mix of students and topics every time. They are live classes with the best Connect English teachers.

MONDAY: TOEFL speaking exercises
TUESDAY: general conversation
WEDNESDAY: pronunciation
FRIDAY: cooking, yoga, or conversation

When you join the English MAX, TOEFL MAX, or Business English MAX program, the teacher invites you to sign-up for these classes every week. Enroll at Connect English to participate in these excellent learning opportunities!



To register for Connect English programs, follow this link and complete the application form. A Connect English team member will help you confirm your schedule, program, and course start date.

February Calendar!

February Calendar!

Hello February,

We have a feeling you will be a good month. ♥

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