The 18-hour-per week Business English Max (BEM) program is designed for ESL students of various levels wishing to expand their fluency and confidence in the English-speaking business world.

The course is open to F1 students and no-F1 students. The course develops general ESL vocabulary, grammar, speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills within a business context.

Admission: Placement requirements on the Cambridge English Placement Test (EPT) are as follows:

Intermediate Level: Score of 32-56 on CamLa EPT required for initial students. Already enrolled Connect English students who have completed Level 2B in the English Max program may enter directly to Intermediate Level of BEM.

Advanced Level: Score of 56-80 on CamLa EPT required for initial students. Already enrolled Connect English students may enter this level directly having completed English Max Level 4A and/or by having completed a minimum of 16 weeks in the Intermediate Level of the Business English Max course.

Enrollment is open every 4 weeks for incoming students. F1 transfer students must start at the next available 4-week start date. Current Connect English students must maintain status and will be transferred in to the BEM program the Thursday prior to the available 4-week start date.

Clock hours: 18 hours weekly, 48 weeks of instruction total [2 levels, each level 24 weeks], Total hours 864
Schedule: 5:00pm – 9:30pm, Monday-Thursday

Academic Standards:
Students enrolled in the Business Max program must maintain Connect English academic standards which reflect those of other approved Connect English programs such as English Max and TOEFL Max. Specifically, students must maintain minimum 80% cumulative attendance average, minimum 70% in-class assessment average, as well as maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout their program in order to be considered in good standing. Students who have enrolled continuously in the BEM program for 12 weeks and who are in good academic standing are eligible for a 4-week break from studies and may use the Vacation Request Form to do so. Students who fail to maintain minimum academic standards are subject to probation and dismissal/termination as defined in the Student Guide to Success.

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