I am about to travel, how to pass through immigration?

30 de July de 2020

I am about to travel, how to pass through immigration?

When you go to another country, you need to go through immigration from that location. It’s nothing terrible, OK? But it’s important to understand the process, and to be prepared for what you’ll have to do as you arrive in the USA.

Important: when you get off the plane, go straight to the immigration line! Sometimes the lines are huge, because everyone on your flight will pass through them too.

We always recommend that you already have your passport and visa in hand and already fill out the form that is delivered on the plane before disembarking. So don’t forget to carry a pen in your handbag.

It is also important to print the information of your trip, such as the address where you will be staying, your return ticket, the acceptance letter from your School and I-20 if you are a F1 student. Oh, and avoid talking on the cell phone in the immigration area! Mainly in the United States, they don’t like this practice so much.


When your turn comes, wait for the responsible person to indicate which booth you need to go to and don’t make any kind of jokes, because they are super strict there!
If you are traveling with your family, they will probably let you go to the same booth in a group. At that point, the person will take their fingerprints, look at their passport and visa and ask some questions like:

How long will your trip last?
Where are you staying?
What do you intend to do while in the US?
If you know someone in the US?
What do you do in your home country?
How much money are you bringing with you?
If you’ve been to the US before

Got it? So don’t forget:

  • Get a seat near the front of the plane

  • Bring a pen 
  • Use the bathroom before landing

  • Walk fast toward the immigration area 
  • Hold all the documents 
  • Do not use the cell phone
  • Do not make any jokes 

Answers all their questions 


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