Top Ten Connect English Successes of 2015

29 de December de 2015

Top Ten Connect English Successes of 2015


10. Connect English taught dozens of pilots from China!

Did you know that all pilots around the world are required to speak English?  That’s why Connect English cooperated with flight school SAA International to train their newest pilots and improve their English communication skills.  They especially needed to focus on their speaking skills, so the English MAX program at Connect English was perfect!  Then in the afternoons the students received specialized group classes about aviation English.  The students saw great improvement in their skills, and everyone loved having the pilots in our student community!


9. Had our biggest activity ever, 100 students went to Padres baseball!


Wow, this was a good one!  When Connect English started working with the San Diego Padres baseball team in May of 2015, we knew our students would be excited.  But we were so surprised that more than 100 students participated, making it the most successful Connect English activity ever.


8. All three campuses started offering free weekly pronunciation classes

Early in 2015, Connect English students began having the option of a free one-hour pronunciation class every week. The class teaches students how to carefully and effectively say vocabulary like “word” and “world” that cause confusion in many cases.  This class will continue in 2016, with new pronunciation classes beginning at our Pacific Beach campus in January!


7. Launched our IELTS MAX program

Connect English is famous for having excellent TOEFL programs.  So many students came to us for help passing tests and getting into universities, and soon enough they wanted even more.  The IELTS program has now become another way that San Diego students can get into quality universities in the USA and around the world.


6. Had our best CONNECTober yet, with excellent Halloween for our students


Celebrating American cultural traditions is an important part of our students’ educational experiences at Connect English.  Most students arrive in the USA with limited understanding of Halloween activities that Americans enjoy in October of every year.  Students loved the opportunities to carve pumpkins, wear costumes, and visit the Haunted Hotel.  Thanks to CONNECTober, so many of our students had an educational experience that they will remember forever!


5. Helped even more students become pharmacists in the USA
Future pharmacists often need to pass the TOEFL in order to get their license.  They need ultra high scores in the speaking section of the test especially, where a score of 26/30 is necessary for approval to work in pharmacies in the USA.  This year Connect English helped more than 40 future pharmacists reach their career goals by passing the TOEFL!


4. We launched our amazing new website

If you’re reading this story, you’re already part of the new Connect English website experience!  Check out campus information, photos, program options, visa support and much more at the new  International students can depend on our new website as a resource for planning an excellent education experience in California!


3. Helped dozens of students get into high-quality universities


Connect English helps students get into real universities in the USA.  Dozens of our students this year have passed the IELTS and TOEFL, and then gotten accepted to programs at real colleges and universities, like UCSD, Grossmont College, Mira Costa College, SDSU, and more.  These schools require high TOEFL and IELTS scores, and our specialized training helped to open the doors to our students’ academic dreams.


2. Hired excellent new teachers and staffers

Connect English is always looking for the best.  We always want great teachers because students are happy when their teachers give excellent lessons.  This year we added three new teachers at the La Jolla campus, four new teachers at our Central campus, and three new teachers at our Pacific Beach campus.  All have experience teaching around the world and in the USA!


1. Opened and accredited the new Pacific Beach campus


In January of 2015, Connect English opened its third campus in the city of San Diego.  The new campus, in the popular community of Pacific Beach, was an immediate success.  We received full accreditation in a very short time thanks to our high teacher quality, our organizational structure, and our level of student satisfaction.


2015 was a great year at Connect, so we’d like to thank all students, staff, teachers, agents and partners who helped us be one of the most recognized schools in San Diego.


Are you ready for an amazing 2016?  You can be part of the Connect English success story yourself.  Contact Connect English to learn more!


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