Skills Class at Connect

3 de August de 2015

Skills Class at Connect

Everyone wants to be a better speaker and communicator in English. One of the main skills our students at Connect English Language Institute like to improve on is their speaking skills and fluency.

That is why we created our Skills classes, where our students can practice speaking and listening in a fun, interactive environment. Our program is an equal mix of communicative and academic English. Our exceptional teachers incorporate games, discussion and speaking activities to give our students well-rounded speaking classes. Each week, your class will focus on a different theme, keeping the class interested and engaged. Our Skills classes are always fun, informative and practical. And the diversity of students in each class is perfect for students who really want to meet new friends from all over the world and speak to them in English. Muath from Saudi Arabia said, “I really enjoy my Skills class because we spend a lot of time on speaking and improving our English.” So when you come to study at Connect, be sure to check out our Skills classes to boost your confidence and abilities in English and have a blast at the same time!


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Our objective is for our students to set and reach personal goals for learning and improving in the English language. With our help, students will formulate a plan to reach their goals.