Florida Jessica ❤

2 de August de 2019

Florida Jessica ❤

I’ve been studying at Connect English, La Jolla since December 2017 and I will be finishing my program at the end of this week. Compare to when I first stepped into this Language Institute as a level 1 student, my English level has improved a lot. This is because I have always had some great teachers that are professional and friendly, they are always prepared for school, explicit whenever a student question them, and always doing their best to make everyone feel comfortable. Likewise, the students are also amiable, and hardworking.
There is a kitchen, you can buy some snacks or prepared food whenever you forget to bring your lunch, do not have time to prepare or just don’t want to cook like me.
a shuttle is available for students that do not drive. I use it and it’s good to be on a bus, practice your English with the teacher that drives before arriving at the destination.
Connect English is a Language Institute, nevertheless, there are some really fun activities that are organized every week so that the learners can explore the city, get to know their mates by doing a lot of different activities while speaking English. They also offer some free conversation and pronunciation class every Tuesday and Wednesday, taking part in those helped me a lot.
Overall, my experience at Connect was marvelous. I would gladly stay longer if I could but I have to go. I will miss my teachers and my friends. Thanks to you all.


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