Learn How to Speak English in One Minute or Less

12 de May de 2021

Learn How to Speak English in One Minute or Less

Learn how to speak English in one minute or less with our Connect In A Minute video series!

Do you want to learn to speak better English? Start simple: Our Connect In A Minute video series offers fast, free English language lessons sent right to your email inbox. The 1-minute videos will help you quickly learn how to speak English more confidently and clearly.

Connect In A Minute lessons will teach you:

  • pronunciation rules to follow,
  • common expressions to use,
  • easy mistakes to avoid, and
  • more helpful English learning tips.

Each lesson is taught by a Connect English instructor and will help improve your use of English in everyday conversation and the workplace.

Connect In A Minute video lessons are perfect for your busy life! In the time you refill your coffee cup, you can begin your journey toward English fluency. Check one out:

In this video, Connect English teacher Charles gives quick and easy directions for pronouncing the sound “TH” versus “F”.

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About Connect English

Connect English is an English language school created by teachers. We’re helping international students, professionals and organizations learn the English language through English language courses and other services. Connect English is founded on the common vision that language learning, travel, friends, academics, and personal growth are all connected. We’re committed to quality language programs that are fun, exciting, and affordable. If you want to grow as an English speaker, join our community of language learners. See why millions choose Connect English to learn English in person or online!


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