Financial evidence for students with an F1 visa

30 de July de 2020

Financial evidence for students with an F1 visa

I decided to get the student visa. What is the ideal amount for financial evidence?
Well, that will depend on each school and the amount of your tuition. The minimum amount that you will need to prove and will be required by the school depends on how much the school charges for the course.

In case of Connect, for example, we require a minimum of $ 7,080.00 for every 24 study weeks. This applies to those who have the F1 visa. For anyone who is F2 (that is, dependent on the F1 – child or spouse) the amount gets smaller, around $ 3,000.00 per dependent.

However, there are schools and universities that are more expensive and require a much higher amount than this.

What matters in this financial statement is the net amount that you or your financial sponsor has in the  account. You can use current account balance, savings and / or investments.


In order for this bank document to be accepted it must be a maximum of two months old and present the following information: bank logo / bank name, total balance / amount, name of holder, date and account data.

Life tip! Presenting the minimum amount for the school is enough for the preparation of the student’s documentation (I-20 and letter of acceptance). However, the greater the proven amount of funds, the greater the chances of you getting the visa. Attention on this tip !! This is one of the most important points of the visa interview, as this will be on your I-20, and it will probably be one of the first things the interviewer will look at. So this is the time for you to present the highest possible amount.

To renew the I-20, no extra fee is required, the process takes about 2 business days and the student applies for renewal directly at the school office. The only thing required is to present a new bank voucher with the minimum amount of $ 3.000,00 for student F1 and $ 1.500,00 for the F2 person.

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