Connectober =)

3 de October de 2019

Connectober =)


Everyone is looking forward to CONNECTober. The 2019 celebration will be memorable for a lot of reasons. Students are invited to all of these events and activities with Connect English:
Halloween Costume Try-On Party – Learn your phrasal verbs of clothing and use them to compete against classmates in finding and trying on all kinds of fun Halloween costumes.
Halloween Store Scavenger Hunt – We want our students to know where the best Halloween Costume Shops in San Diego are, so that they can decide on their own costume for the big parties and celebrations. Join us for this field trip and activity, so that you can see the best ideas for Halloween fun.
Candy Jars 1 through 4 – Every week in October there will be a Connect English candy jar. Students need to guess how many candies are in the jar. The closest student wins the whole jar. Check out the Connect English Instagram for regular clues.
Scary Movie: Halloween H20 – Connect English will provide the pizza and popcorn. The movie will provide the scares and screams. We’ll do a question and answer activity with this movie to help you with listening comprehension.
The Haunted Hotel – We’ll take Connect English students from all three campuses to one of the scariest haunted houses in the USA. It’s a lot of fun, if you’re not too afraid.
The Haunted Trail – Balboa Park gives San Diegans a truly scary walking experience through the forest of San Diego’s most beautiful park. This one isn’t for kids. Even the adults get pretty scared!
Pumpkin Carving – Barons Markets of San Diego every year donates a ton of pumpkins for Connect English students to carve. If you haven’t carved pumpkins before, get ready to enjoy a super-fun day of design, cutting, and displaying. Believe us.
Halloween Party and Costume Contest at Connect English – After weeks of excitement and anticipation, today is the day to wear the Halloween costume that you decided on this month. Bring it to school and put it on, or arrive at school with your costume on. Whatever you’re happy to do. The students who wear costumes always have the most fun. Connect English guarantees it!




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