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Connect English & UCSD Partnership


UC San Diego is one of the best public universities in the world. When UCSD Health Sciences International realized that they needed dedicated and experienced TOEFL instructors for their students (who must pass the TOEFL to get their license to become pharmacists), the university reached out to Connect English to construct a program that would help their students reach success. With pharmacy students needing to get 26 out of 30 in the writing and speaking portions of the TOEFL, it was clear that the experienced TOEFL instructors from Connect English were the right fit for the program’s needs.


With the TOEFL/Pharmacy program already off to a strong start, more and bigger plans for inter-school cooperation are taking shape. Soon, Connect English will welcome future UC San Diego students into our TOEFL programs on conditional acceptance, to help them pass the test and open the doors to initial admission into UCSD programs.


There is so much potential to help these students achieve their education dreams. Connect English is proud to partner with UCSD to make these students dreams into accomplishments, and help them learn the skills that they will use to improve the world.

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