Best tips to save money to make your trip happen

30 de July de 2020

Best tips to save money to make your trip happen

This is a very important subject for those who want to have a stress-free trip without any financial squeeze, and still get to buy some little things, of course!

The tips that we are going to give here are the minimum that you will have to do to be able to use your money smartly,  and to enjoy your trip without financial problems, spending consciously.

The first tip for anyone going to study or exchange is: know how many weeks you plan to stay. For example, if you enroll a six-month course, you can keep costs down much more than when enrolling for 1 month at a time when you are already here.

This is part of a good planning! So the sooner you decide on your plans, the greater your bargaining power will be when you make your reservations, whether at school, on accomodation, or on airfare, among other expenses. These are the things that Connect English can help you plan as you’re configuring your program.

Speaking of accomodation, this is a good tip when researching: stay tuned for the high seasons! It may be that you only book 1 month of accommodation and in the following month you no longer have any vacancies due to the high season. Therefore, our suggestion is always to book the accommodation during the whole period that will be hosted.

However, if you’re going to stay a long period, from 6 months up, for example, it’s cool that you don’t set aside all this time. What happens is that when you arrive in a new place you meet new people, and discover new neighborhoods.It may be that in this period you will find a better place to live, that is more suited to your plans.

Airfare is also an item that deserves attention when thinking about saving. Search ALWAYS! Travel agencies are worth contacting, as they sometimes have promotions that are not on the sites, it is worth going to websites that compare prices and visit the portals of the airlines. Ah, not to mention the blogs and applications where you can register to receive the promotions!! Some tips:


  • Skyscanner: from the world’s best flight seekers, it has a huge range of airlines, detects lightning-flash promotions and assembles a column chart to show the price variation of the tickets in the consulted period.
  • Kayak: searches for tickets in different destinations and brings exclusive discounts on mobile searches.
  • Voopter: a very interesting flight search engine. With it you can book four return dates to find the cheapest combination. It also allows you to create alerts to receive promotions on snippets of interest.
  • Hooper: the flexibility feature is especially useful. Place in your hometown and desired destination and Hopper will map the entire year to you with color-coded prices. If you know you need a vacation but are flexible in your destination or dates, you can also set alerts for the application to inform you when there are destination offers.
  • Google Flights: great tool for those who like to research the price of a trip before buying the tickets. Free, lightweight and without any hassle, it allows you to check airfare prices and always track the cheapest. In the “Tips” section, the site tells you if the price has really gone down.


Another cool tip is for people who are traveling with more people. Whenever you negotiate a price, say that you are in two, or three, or four people. This way, you have a better chance of getting a discount. =)

And this last one is the best tip of all time tip of life!! ALWAYS ask if there is any way you can get a discount. It can be in the form of payment, on the date of reservation, if you refer a friend, anyway! Search and trade so you can save money for a great trip!


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