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Why Connect English?

Learn the English language in a community of others like yourself! Our language programs have helped millions of international students, professionals, and organizations learn to speak English – in a way that’s fun, affordable, and successful.

At Connect English, our most important objective is for our students to set and reach personal goals for learning and improving in the English language. 

We support our students by continually updating and enhancing our methods of instruction, from incorporating new technological tools to fostering an appreciation for intercultural exchange.

Our Programs

Take the online course that’s right for you! Prepare for personal, professional and academic success with one of our online course options. 

At Connect English we offer a variety of programs to meet your specific needs.

Online Course Length: Optional from 1 – 56 weeks

Online Class Schedule: 18hrs per week, Monday to Thursday

Beginner English Intermediate English TOEFL Preparation Business English

Improve your understanding and communication in English

Improve your fluency and pronunciation.

Practice your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Emphasis on group work: Speak every day and learn from other students.

Advance to the next level when you’re ready.

Improve your understanding and communication in English at an advanced level.

Ideal if you have completed our beginner course, or have some familiarity with the English language.

Improve your fluency and pronunciation.

Practice your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Emphasis on group work: Speak every day and learn from other students.

Prepare for your TOEFL Language Proficiency Test

Get a passing score on an English language proficiency test.

Prepare for your future in an English-speaking university or career.

Emphasis on speaking, writing, listening and reading as well as practice exams.

Learn English business customs and practices from around the world.

Learn grammar and vocabulary related to the business environment

Learn about the global economy and understand International English/accents from around the world.

Emphasis on group work: Practice your English with other students as you work on projects and business goals.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our students have to say!


“Keep Coming Back Every Year”

“No wonder the Connect English students are so satisfied and keep coming back every year – the teachers help them activate their English in the real world as well as grow to be accurate and confident English speakers!”

Lýdia Hančariková


“Exceptional Experience”

“I got an exceptional experience in Connect English. That’s not just about improving my English, but it’s also about nice teachers, environment, energy…”

Lara Cbcarneiro


“The Teachers are Excellent”

“When I started to study at Connect English, I did not know any English. The school helped me a lot to learn a second language. The teachers are excellent!”

Eduardo Canazza

Commonly Asked Questions

Connect English is an English language school created by teachers. We’re helping international students, professionals and organizations learn the English language through English language courses and other services. Connect English is founded on the common vision that language learning, travel, friends, academics, and personal growth are all connected. We’re committed to quality language programs that are fun, exciting, and affordable. If you want to grow as an English speaker, join our community of language learners. See why millions choose Connect English to learn English in person or online!

We believe that long-term relationships are built on trust. Our policy is to be honest, open, and provide our customers with quality services at a fair price, while ensuring the sustainability of our programs. Here are the costs of taking an online course through Connect English:

Application Fee – $75
Online Program 18 hr/week – $430
Material Costs – estimated between $25-$80 per online session.

Please read our Cancellation, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy.

If you are preparing to take an English Language Proficiency test, we recommend Toefl.
If you are entering the business world or looking to polish your professional skills, we recommend Business English.

If you are looking for a general introduction to the language to improve your communication in English, take our beginner course.

If you have some familiarity with the English language or have already completed our beginner course, we recommend the intermediate course.

Our classes meet online and live, Monday through Friday, for a total of 18 hours a week.

Our average online class size is between 12 to 20 students.

While you’ll benefit most from attending our classes live so that you can work with other students and receive feedback from our teachers, we record our classes and they can be viewed afterward .

Yes, for US-based students enrolled in one of our online programs there is a one-day in-person requirement. Please reach out to one of our advisors for more information. Email us at