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You can live lots of incredible experiences while studying with us in San Diego – CA.
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Daniella Rodrigues – Brazil

Daniella Rodrigues – Brazil

Connect English has really exciting teachers and a great price. I learned a lot and had fun doing it. They were great, funny, took care of me, and I will never forget them. Connect was my home in San Diego and I can’t wait to go back and visit my teachers!

Gwladys Faure – France

Gwladys Faure – France

Connect English is more than a language school, it become a family…. The staff is amazing, the teachers are the best and the ambiance is awesome. When you arrive from far away you can feel lost but they are here to help you to have a experience you will never forget! My English was pretty bad, and I had improve it fast with them, learning English at Connect in the best choice I have made. I met as well there friends that I will have for life, I can say that this school have changed my life and I am very thankful I was there and part of this adventure… Thank you Connect English, I miss all of you guys!

Bakr Alharbi – Saudi Arabia

Bakr Alharbi – Saudi Arabia

Connect English, I don’t know what to say really but they were my second family since day one, everyone including the students were very helpful, I have reached my goal (Passing the IELTS test) made a lot of friends across the world and more importantly I felt home.

Boris Cvetkovic – Serbia

Boris Cvetkovic – Serbia

Connect English is the best school to learn or improve your English skills. With great teachers and atmosphere you will feel like you belong there. Also you can get professional help from director Nick and Fabi, who will make your experience in Connect English even better. Furthermore I now have a lot of friend all around the world to whom I can go. I recommend you this school, you will enjoy it.

Aida Cerezo – Spain

Aida Cerezo – Spain

My first plan was to stay just one month at Connect English and learn as much as I can but I couldn’t leave after one month without the idea of going back there on my mind! So after two month I went back and was even better than the first time! Connect english is not just a language school is a family, they are my american family I learned a lot of english in a really short time, the teachers, the classes and the atmosphere were awesome! But I also learned to be confident not just with english, and that I was not as shy as I thought And also I opened my mind to the awesome world where we live. Thanks Connect family, I’m sure I’ll be back again!

Raquel Apolinar – Spain

Raquel Apolinar – Spain

Before moving to SD I got in touch with the Connect English team and they were very helpful with the paper work and made everything so easy. When I started my classes there, they become a family to me. I learned, enjoyed myself and met the best people there. Teachers are very professional, helped me to embrace the american culture and improve my english skills at the same time. Thank you for the great experience!

Our Team

Connect English employs exceptional, highly qualified staff and teachers who will be there to motivate,
challenge, and help the students at Connect from their first day to the completion of their programs. Know More.

Chris Hill Site director and TOEFL teacherChris Hill

Chris Hill Site director and TOEFL teacher

Renee Rovenger - English Max InstructorRenee Rov

Renee Rovenger - English Max Instructor---English Max Instructor

Nick Sacco - Student Services DirectorNick Sacco

Nick Sacco - Student Services DirectorStudent Services Director

Jill Huckabone - English MAX instructorJill Huckabone

Jill Huckabone - English MAX instructorEnglish MAX Instructor

Fabiana Raucci - Business Development DirectorFabiana Raucci

Fabiana Raucci - Business Development DirectorBusiness Dev. Director

Jonathan Rezach - IEP CoordinatorJonathan Rezach

Jonathan Rezach - IEP CoordinatorIEP Coordinator

Kaitlyn Clements - Administrative Coordinator--Kaitlyn Clements

Kaitlyn Clements - Administrative CoordinatorAdministrative Coordinator

Kazumi-ItoKazumi Ito

Kazumi ItoAdministrative Specialist

Geoff Teal - Academic DirectorGeoff Teal

Geoff Teal - Academic DirectorAcademic Director

Jocelyn James - TOEFL and IELTS instructorJocelyn James

Jocelyn James - TOEFL and IELTS instructorTOEFL and IELTS Instructor

Elsa Atzori - English MAX instructorElsa Atzori

Elsa Atzori - English MAX instructorEnglish MAX Instructor

Anna Thorell English Max InstructorAnna Thorell

Anna Thorell English Max InstructorEnglish Max Instructor

Chuck Lehneis

English Max Instructor

Chuck Lehneis - English MAX instructorSoraya Saba

Chuck Lehneis - English MAX instructorTOEFL director

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