Month: December 2018

Pronunciation Tips

Pronunciation Tips

Are you mispronouncing these three words? TOEFL teacher Brian will help you.

So many students make mistakes pronouncing these words, and it causes confusion in conversations. Let’s get some help from Connect English TOEFL teacher Brian Grams. Listen to the right way to pronounce


Click and watch the video below:

Things to do in December

Things to do in December


Connect English plans and gives so many fun activities during the holidays. Our student community gets to experience all kinds of traditional and original activities.

The traditional: we put up and decorate a Christmas tree, we play musical chairs, we go ice skating, we dress up festively, and we exchange gifts.

The original: the weekly Candy Gift Box contests, the Candy Cane Relay Race, and the Ormament Design Day activity.

We invented those activities, and our students love them! Add to that the amazing holiday events happening all around San Diego, and you can see that it is a whole month of Christmas cheer. Join us to experience Christmas the Connect English way!



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