Month: April 2017

Worried about your school closing?

Worried about your school closing?


A number of low-quality English schools are closing soon in San Diego. What does this mean for you, the student?
When a school closes, F1 students must find a new school and transfer their I-20. It is up to the student to do this, but your new school should help you. If you would like to transfer your I-20 to Connect English, we will certainly support you.

Is Connect English in danger of closing?
No, everything is great at Connect English. Current students have nothing to worry about, and students who transfer to Connect English from a closing or in-danger school do not need to worry about Connect English being closed by the federal government. Connect English is fully accredited by ACCET, and is not under any suspicion or investigation for wrongdoing. Our programs are functioning very well and our students are enjoying learning a lot, as usual.

Why are some of the other schools in San Diego closing?
The United States federal government is taking steps to improve private education in the USA. Schools that had low standards and bad accreditation can’t operate anymore, and were told by SEVP (SEVIS) to close English instruction programs immediately.

Why should I choose Connect English as my new school?
Connect English focuses on quality in the classroom, and strong support for students, but the cost is still affordable. We offer three campuses in San Diego to fit our students’ needs. Our programs help students learn and grow, and eventually take the steps into quality certificate, college, and university programs in the USA. We are not a low-quality university. We are a high-quality language school. And we want to help you set and achieve goals.

Do you have more questions?
Contact Connect English. We are ready to help you make the best decisions for your education in the USA.
Mission Valley: +1 (619) 283-2811
La Jolla: +1 (858) 455-5353
Pacific Beach: +1 (858) 412-5131
Brazil: +55 (11) 95776-3998


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